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What the heck is a Professional Investor? ASAP House Buyers Explains…

What the heck is a Professional Investor? ASAP House Buyers explains

Want to know what a professional investor is? Well, this short video explains the nuances of spending millions of dollars for a living, and solving peoples problems while we do it. WE LOVE IT!!

Video Transcription:

[00:00:00] Hi guys, Dean here from ASAP House Buyers. Just want to do a quick video on the very basics of house buyers and what an actual house buyer or investor is. Basically we have over the years gotten a number of investors that have put in various sums of money with us that adds up to millions of dollars that we can spend. So when we claim that we can buy a house without bank qualifying that’s because we can literally go to the bank, get a bank draft, take it to the lawyer in-trust and basically close on a transaction. And typically the only reason it takes five days in most cases is because the lawyers have to go through the necessary paperwork and such. So it’s usually the lawyers that are a little bit longer on that side of things, but that in

[00:01:00] essence is what a buyer, a house buyer or a professional investor is. And so when we get calls, when people need to sell their houses, typically for our cash purchases, our investors are looking for instant equity. They are looking for a deal. The same as if you were an investor, you would want the same thing. Now in the cases of divorce, or relocating or, if there’s liens or violations versus the property, or if there’s just financial issues, or if you’ve inherited or property, a cash offer is, is a great option. However, there are other situations where, perhaps you’re

[00:02:00] upside down on your mortgage…where if we made a cash offer, that wouldn’t make a lot of sense, because then you’d have to come up with a whole bunch of extra money to give us a clean or a lein free title. And so in those cases, we have some, if you want to say “creative strategies”. We have some options for that as well. For example, we can do a lease back from you. We can take over that mortgage. There is a number of different ways that we can do that as well. So, It’s not a one size fits all deal. And so typically what we want is just to, to spend approximately five or 10 minutes on the phone with with our potential clients, just find out what exactly it is that their situation entails and see how we can help. See how we can find the best solution. And if that best solution is:

[00:03:00] don’t sell. Then we’ll tell you that. So that in essence is what a house buyer is and some of the solutions we can offer. So If you want to get in touch with us for any reason please do so. Okay. Thanks so much. Have a wonderful day. Take care.

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