Separation and Divorce in Calgary Alberta During COVID-19

separation divorce in Calgary Alberta

Divorce and Separation in Calgary Alberta during COVID-19 | ASAP House Buyers

Video Transcription

[00:00:00] So we just finished a walkthrough here on a property down South Calgary not too far from fish Creek park. And the situation is that, unfortunately, a couple is separating or getting divorced in this case. And, this is the last asset that’s tying them together. So we took a look through the property and, it shows pride of ownership.

It looks like we should be able to help this couple out. Unfortunately we’re seeing more of these calls. Even before COVID-19 obviously, the stats are, are high on divorces and separation, but, my understanding is in China, after the self isolation ended, the divorce rate went through the roof.

And so we’re starting to see some more calls now. Which is too bad. We don’t like to see families broken up or torn apart or anything like that, especially when there’s kids involved. But we also understand that sometimes the fresh start is the best thing and a piece of real estate can [00:01:00] be a something that’s just basically holding, that relationship together longer than it should. And so, as I said, it looks like we should be able to help this couple out and, and give them a fresh start. So win, win, which is what we’re always trying to accomplish.

If you are going through a divorce or separation in Calgary, give us a call. If you have a piece of real estate that’s tying you down, a lot of times that’s the hardest asset or the hardest thing to separate, when you’re in that situation.

Luckily in this case it’s amicable. So, there’s only two lawyers needed. Sometimes if it’s less than so we’ll have to get a lawyer for each of the parties. And then, of course, for us as well.   each situation is different. And. We understand that and we take it by a case by case basis.

And, quite honestly, that’s what’s so fascinating about real estate is that no two deals are the same. So as I said, if you are in a situation where you need to dispose of a piece of real estate, [00:02:00] whether it is divorce separation or for any other reason, give ASAP House Buyers and call.

With that, it’s a beautiful day out, 17 degrees Celsius. Haven’t seen that in Calgary in a while. So get out there, respect social distancing, and, have a marvelous day. Take care.

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