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4 Disadvantages of Selling your Calgary House During the Christmas Holiday Season

4 Disadvantages of Selling your Calgary House During the Christmas Holiday Season

Wondering if you should list your Calgary home during the holiday season? Traditionally this is the slowest selling season of the year, but if you do decide to sell here are the challenges you will face.

Video Transcription:

[00:00:00] Hi there, Dean here from ASAP house buyers. Christmas is actually my favorite time of year. And, I just want to take this moment to wish you happy holidays. In this blog post, we’ll just talk about the disadvantages of selling a house during the holiday season. If you want to move your house in the middle of the holiday season, you’re going to encounter at least four disadvantages, and quite frankly, maybe more. What I’ll share today is the top four that come to mind for me. Number one, selling during the holidays can be very disruptive to your Family holiday plans. Maybe not so much in COVID era, but, nonetheless, when people want to see a house, they can give you very little notice, sometimes as little as an hour. [00:00:52] And, that means you’ve got to go and jump in your car, take the family. Make sure everything was clean or, possibly clean [00:01:00] before you leave and then go drive around and waste some time, until they come. So that’s, that’s one of the biggest things is just how disruptive it can be. [00:01:09] Second thing is it can be messy. [00:01:12] Typically there’s snow on the ground. There’s there’s mud, people are coming in and out of your house. And tracking mud and snow and sleet. It’s not a great time. [00:01:27] Third thing is selling during the holidays is cold. People don’t really want to move, but if they have to move, they will. So as they’re coming through your house, they’re not paying your heating bill. They’re opening doors, possibly even windows. Hopefully they shut them. Hopefully the realtor that’s showing it is following up behind them, but nonetheless there is a lot of in and out. [00:01:54] And the last thing, and the biggest thing is selling during the holiday season can cause [00:02:00] a number of delays. Most people aren’t in a rush during this time, they’re just shopping. And so even if they do actually make a decision and submit an offer and you guys can get something firmed up. The problem is, that all of the lawyers are all closed between Christmas and new year’s. So even if that happens, you’re not getting anything done until the new year anyways. [00:02:31] There are some ways that you can sell during the holiday season. If your property has become a burden and you do need to sell during Christmas, we would suggest calling a local Calgary house buyer like ourselves, somebody credible, somebody that has been around since 2005, like we have, and there is definitely a way to sell during the holiday season. [00:02:55] But if you’re looking to traditionally sell, we don’t [00:03:00] recommend doing it during the holiday season. You’re best to wait until the new year. If you have any questions or if there’s anything I can do, please feel free to call us our direct number. Here is (403) 613-8119. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful Christmas season.

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